Eduline, a privately owned and operated company, has each year outperformed itself to become one of the most prominent and challenging IT companies in Turkey. The activities initiated in Istanbul, in 2006, with Sun Microsystems partnership dedication. In 2008 when Sun Microsystems is acquired by Oracle, Eduline expended its Oracle business. In 2010 Eduline moved its focus to Dell and added Dell's end-to-end product portfolio to its solutions.

Eduline offers IT solutions;
• Determination of IT requirements, updating and modernization of existing infrastructures, implementation of new IT networks.
• Distribution, sales, installation and support of IT products

In 2006, we have realised our first HPC Project, in Mustafa Kemal University, Hatay-TR. Implementation of eight Sun nodes with AMD processors.


Business Focus

Public Sector

Healthcare, Education, Municipality

Private Sector

Enterprice companies such as
Siemens and Daikin


2006 Foundation, Okmeydanı
2007 Sun Partner
2008 Oracle Gold Partner
2009 Office Location to 1. Levent
2010 Dell Preferred Partner
2013 Office Location to Ulus
2017 Dell EMC Gold Partner

How we succeed

We are highly focused on customer needs and satisfaction.

We only sell, implement and give support to the products we are expertised in.

To get expertised, we acknowledge the importance of certifications along with the experience.

Time is a key differantiator in our business. We take immediate actions.